Sunday, December 9, 2012


i threw away my lighter today...i gave it a morsel of respect and considered its useless carcass for a moment...i just bought it eleven days was so young and full of my math, it helped me to consume nearly 350 cigarettes [that's at least a few steps closer to the grave] and enough of other chemical enhancements to keep me from making something respectable of myself for eleven days...i owe it a great debt of gratitude...oh, we were happy then...but tragically, i failed to examine the most important facet of our relationship...the package clearly stated "DISPOSABLE"...i ruminated, as i often do; chewing the very essence of reality from life's gristle until i gag on deem a thing "disposable" is to say that it is garbage when you begin your relationship with it; save for its usefulness for a short period of odd life i thought...i wondered how it must feel to exist for the sole purpose of being used up and then know that your only connection with another will have no more emotional significance attached to it than a simple exchange of services...and to have the details of this deal so openly and honestly understood at the there no shame left in the world? self respect or decency?...still, it was a good deal...a true symbiosis...the lighter served its purpose, and i paid the tribute necessary to justify its existence...i think of all that it did for me and the great times that we had together...but, now i frown at my unlit cigarette as i stand here with something that can no longer satisfy my has been future garbage since the beginning of its days, and the future is here...i will miss it greatly...if only it could have done more for me..."worthless piece of shit" i mutter with disgust, as i forsake it to its fate it in the trash...

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  1. So you think now your relationship with the lighter serves only one purpose - exchange of services!?
    Don't be so pessimistic, the lighter still feels it is not rejected, but you act as you have already rejected it