Tuesday, January 8, 2013

finally, something "new"

 2012 will not be recorded as the year of my best effort regarding artistic productivity...i had very little inspiration/motivation to go out and take pictures...sheer laziness i suppose...the few times that i did go out, i just couldn't get excited about the results...it all looked like shit to me...in fact, other than just playing around, i haven't picked up my camera in almost three months...but, like the unholy ghost of that unwanted child that you shoved in the closet and forgot to feed, it haunts you; the need to create something...after all, i would hate to waste this tremendous wave of misery that i currently find myself riding, strictly on the writing of useless bullshit on the internet...so today i decided to pack up my gear, gas up the car and drive around until i found something that grabbed me...i took quite a few pictures and felt pretty good doing it...it always feels good while you're doing it...but twenty dollars worth of gas and four hours later i looked at the less-than-thrilling results and thought, "more shit"...well, it happens i guess...frustrated, i decided to go back and look at some of the little bit that i shot in 2012...who knows, maybe i missed something...it was very odd, i distinctly remember these pictures being shit...but, now i was finding some that really interested me...the 2013 me worked on a few until the 2012 me came back...hopefully, i will continue this new-found inspiration until the results satisfy me...if not, i can just wait a few months and maybe i won't see the shit anymore...

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